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Battle Cruiser Perseus

Our new blackprint poster is about the Battle Cruiser Perseus from an engineer on Steam. It is one of the most advanced  warship in the fleet.

Learn more about this ship in this article.

Reach speeds up to 100m/s in under 2 seconds

The Battle Cruiser Perseus is designed to be the command warship in all fleet operations. The ship is immensely powerful and extremely fast. Armed with extensive weaponry heavy armor and a frontal blade, it can punch an immense hole in the enemy lines or flank the enemy while the battle commences. The Perseus can operate for extended durations and hit deep behind enemy lines and decimate all but Super Battleships. While not as heavily armored as a Battleship, this Battle Cruiser is much faster and can out speed and out turn all battleships with it having comparable weapons.

Four engine nacelles and a center line engine grouping provide thrust to the ship. It also comes equipped with an advanced gravity drive. The ship can land on moons, but is too heavy to operate in a planet’s atmosphere.


Battle Cruiser Persus



The Battle Cruiser Perseus is a large battleship which can reach high speeds in under 2 seconds.

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